• Professionals, raw materials, technology, innovation: the success of the Picariello spa brand, which has been present on the furniture market since 1958, is born from the right mix of these four elements.
  • A quality label, now recognized throughout the national territory.



  • Support
  • Leasing
  • Supply
  • Maintenance
  • Mounting
  • Transport


Compliance with the working methods and standards of all procedures are ensured by the acquisition of the ISO 9001 Quality Certification.

  • ISO 9001 quality certification
  • ICIM certification


A history that spans 60 years of work, three generations full of sacrifice, success, achievement and satisfaction. Yes, Picariello Arredo Design is a family business, one of those that are born, grow, evolve and improve from generation to generation. From Carlo Picariello Senior to Giuseppe Picariello and finally to Carlo Picariello Junior.
And this transition from father to son is part of the company history, a leader in the furnishing industry for public places and luxury hotels.
Picariello’s first experience was in a small artisan shop in Avellino where iceboxes removed from old fridges were transformed into the most modern refrigeration systems, obsolete steelyard balances into precise clock scales.
Reliability, meticulousness, competence, professionalism, experience and know-how were the foundations on which he built the pillars for his great past and present results.
From idea to space, from space to design, from design to production.
Today, Picariello Arredo Design supplies some of the most important and popular establishments in Campania and in other regions, dealing with the design, construction, assembly of the equipment and after-sales assistance.


The history of Picariello Arredo Design is intertwined with the names of some of the major producers of professional equipment such as Electrolux, with important brands such as Molteni, Therma and Zanussi. Just to mention the most important brands in the industry, San Marco, Carpigiani, Pomati, Ciam, Isa and, more recently, the company has joined the collective buying group Digrim as a partner.
A five-star corporate reputation. An industry leader for 60 years in the market of furnishings for public spaces, Picariello Arredo Design offers the perfect combination of raw materials, professionals and technology.
Always a pioneer, over the years Picariello has acquired great experience in the design and construction of interiors of shops, bars, restaurants and hotels, supplying his considerable know-how to a growing number of customers.


A brief gives life to an idea, a pencil sketch which grows and transforms itself thanks to the most advanced technologies applied to graphics in virtual designs. Spaces, shapes, materials and colours are combined to create a single thing which becomes the added value of even the simplest furnishing elements of an environment.
All this together with the good communication and image of the company, the most effective and elegant business card a company could have which, when it is well designed and applied, can contribute to creating long-lasting brand awareness. At Picariello you can choose any product from the newest catalogues of the most prestigious European brands in the industry such as Zanussi, Electrolux, Isa and La San Marco, just to mention some of the most important ones.
One of the strengths of Picariello is also the ability to offer quality technical assistance to its customers, guaranteed by highly qualified staff that follow the entire life cycle of the products supplied, always supporting and helping customers with timely updates and suggestions throughout all its stages.


The experience gained in over fifty years of activity in the field, make Picariello a synonym of guarantee, seriousness and professionalism. A guarantee of quality documented as evidence of the value of production processes. The worthy recognition of the company's standardized procedures, in fact, came with the acquisition of the certification of conformity to the ISO 9001/2008 standard issued by Swiss Certification. The activities for which the quality certification has been obtained concern the design and supply of technological systems for bars, restaurants and hotels, the installation and maintenance of fiscal meters and the periodic verification of fiscal meters. ICIM Certification guarantees that our services are provided with personnel responsible for the installation, maintenance or repair of fixed refrigeration equipment, air conditioning and caustic pumps containing certain fluorinated greenhouse gases.


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